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Anarchy vs Thok 25M HC

Zemfira a posted Mar 5, 14

Polm i gz yall then watched the viddy and seen myself in it XD
Polm gz
Zemfira a Unlike priests, warlocks dont have fade;p

SoO 11/14 HC, on last try!

Zemfira a posted Feb 17, 14

Shamlicious Feels like we actually accomplished something. (Vs Spoils) Been a fun night idd, with a few close calls.
Timbar This one felt good, was a fun night of raiding
Lightbringer Gz for not getting eaten at last try !!

SoO 10/14 HC

Zemfira a posted Jan 13, 14
Zemfira a As you can see, jumping is usually pointless because you blocking other people. Best way to stand out is through effects ...
Logno Good Job!! Hopefully if I am back from Norway I am going to try to raid again!! ...
Layaly woot woot, congrats Anarchists

SoO 9/14 HC

Zemfira a posted Nov 13, 13

SoO 8/14 HC

Zemfira a posted Nov 3, 13

SoO HC 7/14

Zemfira a posted Oct 28, 13

Laggy lol at the umbrella XD
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